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Political Linguistics








Format for publication


A paper should be submitted in Word format (.DOC or .RTF file), 10-20 pages all-included, margins of 2 cm, single spaced, no page numbers, Arial or Times New Roman, pt 14, indention: 1 cm.



Citations should be noted internally in square brackets [Smith 1988: 34]. According to Author [2000]. It is argued [Lakoff 2002a; Lakoff 2002b; Richards 1998; White 2003].




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Moscow State University



Here should be an abstract (not more than 250 words).

abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract…

Text Text Text




Author N. This is the Book Title. – City: Publisher, 1985.

Author N., Author N. An Article in a Journal // Journal. 2000. Vol. 19. P. 35-125.

Author N. Chapter in Book // Title of Book / ed. by J. Smith. – City: Publisher, 1985. P. 32-45.

Author N. Name of Periodical Article // New York Times. 2002. Feb. 1.

Author N. Title of Electronic Paper. http://www.politicallinguistics.edu – 2002.


Below are some examples.


Chilton P. Analysing Political Discourse: Theory and Practice. – London: Routledge, 2003.

Cienki A. Metaphors and Cultural Models as Profiles and Bases // Metaphor in Cognitive Linguistics / ed. by R. Gibbs, G. Steen. – Amsterdam: Benjamins, 1999. P. 189-203.

Straehle C., Weiss G., Wodak R., Muntigl P., Sedlak M. Struggle as metaphor in European Union discourses on unemployment // Discourse and Society. 1999. Vol. 10(4). P. 67-100.

Dijk T., van. Ideologies in Political Discourse on Immigration. http://www.let.uva.nl/~teun/ideo-rac.html – 1998.


Please do not use foot- or endnotes.





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